Please refer to the pdf attached in the website and/or check the pinned message on our Telegram Chat https://t.me/archieneko_universal

Please follow our social media accounts listed in this website

All available NFTS are listed on OpenSea

We are in a new block chain and trying to do something no one ever tried to do in the past. It is for our easiness of fixing any errors incase, one of your NFTs don’t get paid right through our Smart Contract system. Not only that, it will be easy for you to track the earnings every time.

The sale gets recorded just like when you bought the original NFT and it will have a new wallet address that will get paid. The only issue here is, if the payment is not made because of the threshold situation, you may lose part of the current NFT payment.

We do not offer staking facility for our NFTs instead, we have the passive income attached to it

  • Archie Colelction has 15000 minted of which 9352 are listed and the rest will be used on new projects or in eCommerce section

  • Hachi Collection has a total of 1000 minted and 350 will be used in P2E and the rest will be in the new phases of ArchieMeta

Absolutely. Any measures that you take to protect in your investment is welcomed at Archie and will work along with you.

Absolutely, transfer is just like another sale and new wallet will be entered in to our system

  • Archie Collection is the main collection of our NFT Collections. Hachi collection was introduced to work in Archie Aggregator part of the ArchieMeta exclusively

  • When we introduce our real estate side, there will be multiple new collections and information will be posted here in this website and all our social media

All projects in ArchieMeta will be on smart contract and your NFTs will be connected via the wallet holding the NFT to the payout. It will be recorded on ArchieScan for transparency and safety of our holders

No one can guarantee anything. But,we have taken every step to ensure that those numbers are achievable. Several online studies were taken into consideration to come up with the factual data that we are using

  • That’s a question requires a long explanation. We will not add any more NFTs  to the existing projects . For example, Proj No. 2.1.A. Everest Casino only will  have 253 NFTs no matter how big the revenue grows. Your NFTs are based on  a percentage of the revenue for your protection.

  • Second part of the answer will be, we will be adding more projects alter on to  our ArchieMeta and that will have adequate number of NFTs to be added. But,  it will not ever affect your percentage or passive income in anyways.