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Most virtual worlds are being built on one of the existing Metaverse platforms...which means they are basically“renting”the space where their world will reside. ArchieNeko, on the other hand, will launch its own platform, the ArchieYo Metaverse, where users will be able to interact and exist digitally with each other. Why pay to rent space when you can build your own and reinvest the savings back into the project?This type of forward thinking is a prime example of how ArchieNeko is always working on ways to better benefit its investors.

At the center of ArchieMeta is Archie City. Archie City will not only have a fully functioning economy where individuals and businesses can buy, sell, and trade virtual assets and services using ArchieNekoNFTs, it will also collect revenue from various businesses and governmental departments within ArchieMeta.

ArchieMeta P2E Project At A Glance